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Every published episode of How to Play D&D is available in one playlist for easy watching. Check it out here.

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You've taken the first steps, now delve deeper. . . 

The world of Tabletop Roleplaying Games is vast, with multiple sub-hobbies where you can find your joy. 

Whether you love building detailed world lore, crating beautiful maps, or you're ready to step into the role of the Game Master, we've got video playlists to take you on the next steps of your journey. 

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How to be a
Game Master

So, you're ready to step behind the screen and craft a world of adventure for your friends? 

This series is packed with helpful tips to make your life as a game master easier.

Fantasy Maps.jpg

How to Make
Fantasy Maps

From crude napkin sketch all the way to a beautifully rendered landscape, this series will teach you how to make region maps for your RPGs. 

With a foundation of realism, and a focus on narrative and storytelling, this series covers everything you need to make better maps.

Build Worlds.jpg

Building a Homebrew Campaign

Are you are ready to move on from published adventures and start building your own world, filled with fantastic locations, intriguing factions, and rich cultures. 

This series covers the creation of a homebrew world from a basic premise through to a completed world. 

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